Through sustainable cleaning services and innovative environmental programs we can improve the wellness of your facility by reducing your environmental impact and achieving valuable cost benefits. You can also be assured that providing a safe and secure environment for your students and employees is our number one priority.

Why choose us?

  • Safety first — We perform work in the safest manner possible and have regular toolbox meetings to continually review our safe work practices and validate their currency. All employees receive comprehensive work health and safety training, including a site induction at your premises, to minimise risk and fully understand your site-specific safe operating procedures.
  • Experts in multi-site cleaning — We have extensive experience cleaning multi-building facilities.
  • Sustainable cleaning products — Our cleaning products are odourless and have zero impact on the environment.
  • Ultra-hygienic cleaning systems — We use microfibre cleaning systems which are very effective at removing contaminants to produce an ultra-hygienic clean. Microfibre is a material that prevents the spread of infection and is fully machine-washable which means it can be reused and won’t end up as landfill.
  • Innovative cleaning methods — Our cleaning equipment is water efficient and energy star-rated, and we use HEPA filters to reduce noise and minimise the release of allergy-causing dust.
  • Solar-powered fleet vehicles — We operate solar-powered vehicles to travel around the site as an alternative to vehicles that emit damaging fossil fuels.
  • Environmental audits — We can audit your waste, water and electricity usage and implement innovative cost-saving solutions, such as recycling or waste management programs (OSCA).
  • Flexible shifts — Flexible shifts enable us to work around teaching schedules and integrate seamlessly into the campus so there is no disruption.
  • Dedicated onsite manager — We appoint a dedicated onsite manager to supervise the cleaning and maintenance team and resolve issues quickly.
  • Stable cleaning teams — We establish teams with permanent employees, which promotes rapport with teachers and students alike.
  • ACTS member — Being a professional member of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) enables us to work closely with the tertiary sector and contribute to various wellness initiatives.
  • More value for money — In addition to cleaning we can also provide a range of other services for your convenience, which can be packaged together for operational and financial benefits. These services include: 
    - grounds and building maintenance
    - waste stream management and garbage collection
    - supply and management of daily consumables and hygiene sanitation units.

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Facilities we service

  • Multi-site universities
  • Public and private schools
  • Kindergartens