Safety is of paramount importance as liability is a risk in public environments. Our professional and experienced team comply with all work health and safety laws and industry regulations and are trained in effective risk management. They will also attend site induction training to ensure they have a thorough understanding of your safe operating procedures before they begin working for you.

Why choose us?

  • Safety first — We perform work in the safest manner possible and have regular toolbox meetings to continually review our safe work practices and validate their currency. All employees receive comprehensive work health and safety training, including a site induction at your premises, to minimise risk and fully understand your site-specific safe operating procedures.
  • Team integration — You can be confident we will uphold your public reputation and integrate as part of your team. We can also wear the same uniform if you require us to.
  • We are consistently below the industry average for work health and safety incidents, which proves that our systems are working effectively. Read more …
  • Operate to circuit cycles and time loops — We can work to 20 minute circuit cycles and time loops and have experience using fob security systems.
  • Specialist cleaning and equipment — We are able to safely and cost-effectively perform high-cleaning with specialised access equipment.
  • Ultra-hygienic cleaning systems — We use microfibre cleaning systems which are very effective at removing contaminants to produce an ultra-hygienic clean. Microfibre is a material that prevents the spread of infection and is fully machine-washable which means it can be reused and won’t end up as landfill.
  • Unobtrusive services — We use HEPA filters to reduce noise and minimise the release of allergy-causing dust.
  • Flexible shifts — We can work flexible shifts to suit your needs and ensure we integrate with your business processes and site-specific safe operating procedures.
  • More value for money — In addition to cleaning we can also provide a range of other services for your convenience, which can be packaged together for operational and financial benefits. These services include: 
    - grounds and building maintenance
    - waste stream management and garbage collection
    - supply and management of daily consumables and hygiene sanitation units.

Facilities we service

  • Shops
  • Retail centres

Phone us now on (07) 3252 3100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how we can help your business.

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