Business sustainability

Resourcing the right way 

Business sustainability is about ensuring we have the right resources in place to be able to thrive in the market and support your business both now and into the future. As a medium-sized business we are no stranger to growth, but it is how we have managed that growth that has ensured our success. Our growth has always been aligned to our key strengths so that we can meet market demand without overextending ourselves. By having the necessary levels of infrastructure in place we have been able to fully support expansion without compromising our high service standards.

Retaining valuable business knowledge

We recruit local employees and support local suppliers because we recognise this has a positive social and financial impact on a community. Our dedication to sourcing and retaining permanent employees rather than casual or contract staff means that we can provide ongoing training and development and groom them for higher-level positions. Employee retention is important as it not only enables further career opportunities it also ensures that valuable business knowledge is retained so you can enjoy continuity of service with no adverse impact to your business.

Having a sustainable workforce also promotes health and wellness at work by preventing excessive workloads and absenteeism from work.

Long-standing partnerships

While attracting new business is necessary for continued growth, we place greater emphasis on customer retention by aiming for a 90 per cent contract retention rate. We have successfully renewed contracts with many of our customers, which is evidence of the strong partnerships we have built. As customer loyalty is valuable beyond measure, we consider it the best referral for our business.

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