Health and safety

As we operate in high-risk work environments we promote a strong safety culture through our Work Health and Safety Program. By integrating our safe work practices with your site-specific safe operating procedures we proactively prevent accidents, work-related illnesses and damage to plant and equipment, to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace and prevent disruption to productivity.

As part of our commitment to safety we:

  • conduct comprehensive training in work health and safety, managing risk, handling hazardous waste, providing emergency response, and operating heavy machinery
  • attend site inductions and conduct risk assessments prior to working on your premises
  • have the relevant permits and licences (e.g. blue card or white card) and personal protective equipment to competently perform the job in a safe manner
  • immunise our employees that work in high-risk areas such as laboratories
  • investigate all safety incidents and apply those learnings as part of continual improvement
  • participate in regular toolbox meetings to continually review our safety practices and validate their currency
  • test and tag our equipment at half-yearly intervals (or more frequently) to ensure it is in good working order, and report any maintenance issues.

Experience shows that protecting employee health and safety not only improves wellbeing it also enhances performance and productivity, which ensures you receive the highest service standards.

We are consistently below the industry average for work health and safety incidents, which proves that our systems are working effectively. Read more …

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