Risk management

Our Risk Management System is ISO 3100:2009 compliant, which means our risk processes leave nothing to chance. From the moment our employees begin working for us they receive extensive training and our Take Five Track for Safety handbook which enables them to identify hazards and implement effective risk controls.

It is also important that you are aware of any risks associated with the work we do. We will work collaboratively with you to ensure our safety practices integrate with your safe operating procedures, so together we can minimise risk exposure and ensure there is no impact to your business.

Comprehensive risk assessments and risk register

Before we begin working at your site or facility we will conduct a thorough risk assessment of the entire site, both inside and out. This involves reviewing the office layout, floors, lifts and stairwells, as well as external areas such as gardens, car parks and walkways.

We also conduct risk assessments on:

  • cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • products and equipment
  • daily activities
  • hazardous tasks (this occurs every time they are performed, no matter how often).

We maintain a risk register for larger sites, which involves reporting and recording any potential risks and determining appropriate dates for action.

Business Contingency Plan

While many organisations only have a Disaster Recovery Plan, we have a Business Contingency Plan which covers major disasters as well as possible disruptions to the business (such as a computer network being down). This plan aims to ensure maximum service levels are maintained, interruptions are recovered from as quickly as possible, and the likelihood and impact of risk is minimised. Each risk is assessed in terms of its probability and business impact, and emphasis is placed on what is being impacted rather than why it is being impacted — which arms us with reasonable, practical and achievable steps to mitigate risk.

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